Current NEWS - Thursday, June 23, 2022

Marina News July 2022

Summer weather and electric bills – Every summer we seem to have a few customers that are shocked by their electric bill. Sometimes they accidently leave the AC on while they are away for two weeks and sometimes they just can’t believe a 40’ boat can use as much electricity as their home in a month. The fact is that boats have no real insulation in them and when it’s 95 outside and you want it to be 73 inside it requires a lot of electricity. During the cool months we spend about $2,500 a month on electricity for all three marinas. In the hot summer months that bill runs over $8,000 per month.
Some things you can do to avoid the summer electric bill shock. Turn the AC off when not on the boat. Use damp-a-way in the galley and head to reduce humidity in the boat. Use a dehumidifier instead of the AC. Dehumidifiers use a fraction of the electric. Some modern marine AC systems actually have a dehumidifier setting that keeps the boat dry but does waste money cooling when you are not around. Use all of the electricity you want just don’t be surprised when the bill is high.

Island Cove – We have mowed all of the tall reeds and the upper property. We had to replace the AC unit on the second floor. We will be repairing, and cleaning, the fish cleaning table.
Palm Harbor Marina –We have repaired the AC unit on the first floor. We have trimmed the Palm Trees again. We are waiting for some new parts for pedestal’s and will be repairing them when they arrive. If a light is out in your pedestal please let ted know so we can replace it.
Yacht Harbor Marina – We have replaced the overhead lighting in the ladies room. We will be replacing the AC unit in the men’s room shortly. Trailers in the parking lot. We repaired the white fence on the side. We are looking at removing the trailers in the parking that we have not made arrangements for. If you have a trailer in the parking lot and have not made arrangements to keep it there it may be towed. Please let Ted know if you have a trailer at Yacht Harbor.

July Events –
• July 4th 2022 – Sertoma Fire Works Show – Downtown Pensacola211 Bayfront Pkwy Pensacola
• July 4th,2022 – Beach Fire Works Show – Pensacola Beach400 Quietwater Beach Rd
• July 5th , 2022 – Bands on the Beach – Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs - Pensacola Beach, 20 Casino Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach
• July 7th & 8th – Blue Angles Air Show - Pensacola Beach20 Casino Beach Blvd Pensacola Beach
• July 12th , 2022 – Bands on the Beach – Horseshoe Kitty - Pensacola Beach, 20 Casino Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach
• July 15th , 2022 - GALLERY NIGHT - Downtown Pensacola,
• June 19st, 2022 Bands on the Beach – John Hart & The Prince Brothers - 20 Pensacola Beach
• July 26th, 2022 Bands on the Beach – High Tide Band - 20 Casino Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach