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Marina News June 2020


Island Cove Marina We have installed a new gate at the entrance of the hallway leading to the ship store and rest rooms. The gate will be left open during normal business hours. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The gate will be locked after hours. This is being done for security reasons. Too many unknown people are sneaking in using the facilities after hours. Please do not give the gate codes to anyone you do not know.


Gulf Power one-month rate reduction “Gulf Power Plans To Lower Bills About 40% For One-Time Pandemic Relief”. We have not received any discounts on our Gulf Power bill yet. We believe the discount pertains to residential accounts only. The Marinas are commercial usage. If we do receive a discount it will be passed onto our customers.


Palm Harbor Marina We will be rebuilding the dingy dock this month. We will have to remove all the boats on the dock to make repairs. We are adding some additional floatation to handle the extra weight. We will be charging a minimal fee of $35 per month for dinghies using the dock. If you do not wish to pay the fee, we will be happy to clean up your dingy and put it on the dingy racks in the parking area at no charge with free storage there. If you would like to stay on the dingy dock let Ted know. Boats on the floating dingy dock must be kept clean and free of standing water.


Termite Season This year has been predicted to be an active termite season. Boats are subject to severe termite damage. Please be sure to take precautions like closing hatches when you are not on the boat and use termite repellents. Water, wood, and access is all it takes for the termites to nest in cabinets, bulkheads, or stringers. They can do a lot of costly damage and they are hard to get rid of.


Marina Cub House The Club House at Island Cove Marina will available for events starting June 1st.  Use appropriate social distancing methods.



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Old Marina News May 2020


General Marina News – We have been open and working normal hours during this pandemic crises, and as far as we know, there has not been any cases of COVID-19 on the Marina properties. Ted was out for a week in quarantine waiting for results of a COVID-19 test of a family member. The results came in negative and though we missed pump outs on a Tuesday Ted is back and pump outs are back on schedule.

    We have also had a professional cleaning company come in to deep clean all the restrooms every other week. We are cleaning the restrooms every day ourselves and spraying a chlorine solution on areas touched by people often. Even though we are trying to minimize risk to our boaters there is still some risk involved. Staying away from public rest rooms at the Marinas and following the social distancing guidelines, plus washing your hands, is the best way to boat safely with a low chance of infection.

    As we all transition back into normal life, we ask you all to keep up the good practices and guidelines. We always endeavor to keep the Marinas clean and safe for our customers and we will continue that tradition long after the pandemic is over. As always if you see something that requires our attention let us know so that we may take care of it.


Gulf Power one-month rate reduction “Gulf Power Plans To Lower Bills About 40% In May For One-Time Pandemic Relief”. Mays electric usage will be reflected on Junes Marina bill. We buy 3 phase commercial power from Gulf Power for the Marinas. The rate decrease is for residential power, but if they lower the rate for one month in May for commercial power we will pass the savings on to our customers on Junes bill. We get the Gulf Power bill before we bill customers so we will know. It’s unclear if 3-phase commercial power will be included in the decrease, so, I wouldn’t use more then what you normally use in case we are exempt.


Boat Access If you would like to leave a boat key with us for emergency access or to allow a mechanic or worker access for repairs we are happy to keep a key in the ship store for Island Cove or in Teds office for Palm Harbor and Yacht Harbor.


Marina Cub House The Club House at Island Cove Marina will remain closed for events until an appropriate time.



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OLD News February

Marina News February 2020


Island Cove MarinaWe have power washed the docks, railings, decks, and the gazebo. We will be cleaning up around the building and removing and disposing of any junk we find laying around. If you are storing anything around the building or property let us know or it may end up in the dumpster.

Palm Harbor Marina We have power washed the docks, board walk, and sidewalks. We will be cleaning up the parking area around the dingy racks.

Yacht Harbor Marina We are power washing the docks, the patio, and furniture. We have also just sprayed the weeds in the parking lot. We are finally regrading the parking lot and adding gravel.

Winter in Bayou Chico With the cold winter weather comes a couple of issues we deal with almost every year in Bayou Chico. One is the freezing temperatures which cause us to shut down the water supply to the docks. It takes several hours to shut off the water and drain the water lines on the docks. Even with that if we have a hard freeze we still often have broken pipes that must be repaired after the freeze. If you know freezing temperatures are on the way, and you need water in your boat, top off the tank before we must shut off the water. If you need water while the water is off fill water buckets and leave them on the boat to poor into the holding tank when the tank is dry. The other annoying part of winter cold fronts is the low water levels. When the north wind blows for days as the cold front arrives it can push up to 2 feet of water out of the Bayou. If you have a 6’ deep slip it can go to 4’ on certain days. We have had crazy low tides this winter. A couple of days sitting on the bottom in the freezing weather is the price we pay for hurricane protection in the Bayou.


February 8th, 2020 Mardi Gras Flotilla
Location: Intercoastal Waterway Perdido Key, FL 32507
(850) 748-3222 phone Time: 10:45 AM
February 21, 2020 - Annual Krewe of Lafitte Mardi Gras Parade
Location: Begins Spring & Garden Streets Pensacola, FL 32502 Time: 7 p.m.
February 22, 2020 - Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade
Location: Begins Spring & Garden Streets Pensacola, FL 32502 Time: 2 p.m.
February 23, 2020 - Krewe of Wrecks Mardi Gras Parade Location: Avendida 10 Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 Time: 2:00 PM