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Marina News August 2019

Pump-Outs – There will be no pump-outs the week of August 8th. Ted will be out of town that week and part of the following week. If you think you may need a pump-out have one done the week of August 1st. And remember there are 3 pump-out stations on Bayou Chico should you need a pump-out. They are at Bahia Mar, Harbor View Marina, and the Pensacola Ship Yard. There is also a free pump-out at the Mahogany Landing Boat Ramp for porta poties.

Island Cove MarinaThe Ice Machine has been out of service for several days. After having technicians replace a very expensive mother board it still doesn’t work. We are now waiting on additional parts and expect to back making ice any day now. We have pretty much completed the marina renovations but still have a few things left to do which may be a bit less noticeable.  We will be replacing the awning on the gazebo next to the beach between B dock and C dock. We will be removing most of the junk around the building, so, if you have anything stored around the outside of the building you want to keep please remove it or at least let us know you still want it. Everything is going in the dumpster. We are conducting a survey on the docks in order to affect some repairs and maintenance. We have made some progress on the permit to expand and replace A dock with floating docks but we are months away from starting that project.

 Palm Harbor Marina – We have re-sided and painted the building and replaced the awnings on the building. We will be working on some minor updates and repairs on the interior of the rest rooms. We are cleaning up around the parking area and the building. If you have anything laying around you want to keep either remove it or let Ted know what it is. We are going to throw out anything that looks like junk. FYI any of the parking lot that has been seal coated and striped belongs to the Marina. So, don’t be afraid to park on the hill in the marked spaces in front of the old town houses. We don’t own the town houses, but we do own the parking spaces.  

 Yacht Harbor MarinaWe still need to grade the parking lot and add gravel. The grading will be more intensive then in past years. We are also looking into replacing the flooring and vanities inside the floating rest rooms. We have decided to wait until the summer season has ended to start these projects when it is less crowded and easier to work.


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Old Marina News July 2019

Hurricane Season Hurricane Season is upon us once again. Though you are not required to move your boats from the Marinas during a storm, it is advised that you move to a more protected location if the forecast calls for a CAT 1 or higher. Preparation is always key. We have a hurricane check list, available in the ship store or by email, to help you prepare in the event of a storm. We advise you start your preparations early to ensure you have enough time and materials to weather the storm. If you have any questions or concerns let us know. We have been through this, many times before, and we are happy to help.

Island Cove Marina We have replaced the carpet, ceiling fans, and lights in the clubhouse. The building and roof have been painted. We have added LED colored lights around the outside of the building. We have added shutters and a new awning in the front. We have trimmed the oak trees and the palm trees. We have added new tables and chairs in the Club House and new furniture outside on the deck.  We are almost complete with Island Cove, except for the new floating docks and repairs to the existing fixed docks. We hope to get the dock repairs done this summer and the new docks installed for the 2020 spring season.

 Palm Harbor Marina – We have replaced the awnings on the building. We have sealcoated the parking lot and re-stripped the parking spaces. We have trimmed the Palm Trees and repaired the sprinkler system. We will be repairing the siding and painting the building this month.

 Yacht Harbor MarinaWe will be grading the parking lot and adding gravel soon. The grading will be more intensive then in past years. We have painted the roof on the floating rest rooms and we are looking into replacing the flooring and vanities inside.